The Gateway

The blockchain infrastructure for

fund data distribution

What is The Gateway?

The Gateway is a blockchain-enabled application that uses a Shared Source of Truth for a global community to securely exchange data and documents.


Fund data supported by The Gateway currently includes unit prices, tax, look through and offer documents


We are continuously working on adding more capabilities and more templates to include a broader range of data cross the investor value chain

BC Gateways world first wealth managemen

A True Game-Changer

The Gateway provides significant operating efficiencies and it will lower the costs, risks and complexities associated with the sharing of data.  As such, the application and its industry-wide community represents a major step forward for financial services globally.

Allows structured data and associated documents to be passed between known parties

Single point of reconciliation to secure the integrity of data at all times.

Ensures multilateral data equivalence using a Shared Source of Truth

Chain of custody that allows for instant auditability and authentication during multi-party sequential transactions

Familiar Process,

Revolutionary Experience

Key Features

Full control

Complete control over recipients and data access to manage confidential and time-sensitive information

Easy implementation

Simple implementation using local app with browser-based user interface and API integration

Blocktree visualisation

Visual representation tool provides real-time end to end visibility of data transactions

Real-time integrity analysis

Monitor risk in real-time with instant consensus verification protocols to validate data integrity upon receipt

Compatible with current processes

Utilises existing industry accepted forms and data templates to replicate familiar processes

Hybrid private & public blockchain

Two tier blockchain implementation combining private/public blockchain networks

Drives down administrative cost base

Reduces risk through certainty of information

Rebalances returns to investors and the industry

Blockchain Technology

Harnessing Native Features

Authenticity guaranteed

  • Data sent is instantly hashed generating a unique identifier

  • Identifier is embedded into the blockchain and timestamped

Immutability secured

  • All transactions build on the integrity of all prior transactions creating an unbreakable chain

  • Corrupting transaction records without breaking that chain is near impossible

Auditability improved

  • Transactions are accurately traced in real-time using the unique identifier

  • Blockchain IDs provide chain of custody without revealing actual identities

Confidentiality maintained

  • Commercial confidentiality is maintained using anonymous Blockchain IDs

  • Individual users know only the identities involved in direct transactions

Making Blockchain Easy

Enterprise-grade solutions

There is a growing appetite for financial institutions and governments to capture the blockchain promise but many projects struggle with the real-world limitations of blockchain. BC Gateways changes the game by providing low risk opportunities to engage with blockchain technology without having to invest upfront core expertise and infrastructure.

The Gateway serves as the foundation for a truly inclusive trust network, carried by a global community