Industry Survey: Data & Innovation

Updated: May 31, 2019

Prior to The Gateway Launch event, we conducted an industry survey among financial institutions and technology providers, specifically organisations that process and distribute non-transactional information between parties across the financial services industry.

Key takeaways

The results showed that data distribution remains fraught with inefficiencies exposing companies and customers to financial, regulatory and commercial risk:

  • Majority of unlisted data still transmitted via email

  • Inability to source data from a single provider

  • High error rates still exist

  • Timeliness remains a problem

  • Biggest issue is tax data

And the survey says...

What type of organization are you from?

Rank these in order of priority for 2019

How important is being a leader in technology innovation to your business?

Are you able to source all your unlisted unit trust data from a single provider?

Does the data you receive meet your time requirements?

How important is it to have the latest unit prices updated as soon as they are finalised?

What percentage of prices, tax or other data for underlying funds still comes through via email?

Is the data you receive on unlisted funds (unit trusts) always 100% accurate?

What is the biggest data problem for you and your clients?

The data problem, solved.

The Gateway is a fund data distribution platform, purpose-built to reduce risk, cost and complexity for those distributing and receiving fund data across financial services. It solves the data problem by connecting a community of publishers and subscribers that use a shared source of truth to guarantee the integrity of data at all times. The global financial services industry now has access to a single point of reconciliation.

Find out more about The Gateway here.