The Gateway community celebrates Genesis Block in Melbourne

The Gateway community has reached its most important milestone to date with the creation of the Genesis Block, committing the first set of live data transactions to The Gateway’s blockchain on the 8th of May. The Genesis Group included Fidelity, Fund Host, GSFM, IRESS and Platinum Asset Management.

The Genesis Block represents a major step forward for financial services as innovative companies collaborate to form a community that publishes and subscribes to the same Shared Source of Truth. With data flowing through The Gateway, our Foundation Partners are joined by an increasing number of fellow publishers and subscribers.

Celebrating the milestone achievement, BC Gateways organised a community event in Melbourne on 22 May which was attended by a range of key players in the financial services industry. During the event, Managing Director Gordon Little confirmed One Investment Group had joined BC Gateways’ 11 other Foundation Partners.

BC Gateways' Foundation Partners

  1. Aberdeen Standard Investments

  2. Castle Hall

  3. Equity Trustees

  4. Fidelity International

  5. Fundhost

  6. GSFM

  7. IRESS

  8. Milestone Group

  9. One Investment Group

  10. Pengana Capital

  11. Platinum Asset Management

  12. Schroders Investment Management Australia

From the Melbourne event