Building inclusive trust networks across industries, markets and borders.

Foundation Partners

BC Gateways' Foundation Partners are a selective group of financial participants with a commitment to realising the industry wide benefits of harmonised data The Gateway brings to the disaggregated wealth industry.


Each Foundation Partner has signed up to work collectively on prioritising new initiatives and service selections to meet industry needs as The Gateway evolves. As the network expands, they are joined by an ever-increasing number of fellow publishers and subscribers securely exchanging data using a shared source of truth.

Aberdeen Standard Investments
Castle Hall
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Pengana Capital
Platinum Asset Management
Equity Trustees
Schroder Investment Management Australia

The Gateway is a Single Solution

with an industry wide design...

Asset Managers




Asset Owners

Wealth Managers

...across multiple industry verticals
Wealth Management
Pension funds
Life insurance
Asset Management

Building Communities of Trust

Inclusive trust networks

Most blockchain initiatives tend to focus on internal processes or include only a limited number of parties. Instead, The Gateway has an industry-wide design to build inclusive trust networks that empower all businesses, large and small across industry verticals, markets and national borders.


Everyone should benefit from the next wave of transformational opportunities as blockchain advances.

Shared Source of Truth

The Gateway provides a Shared Source of Truth that enables the global industry to rely on the same synchronised information rather than duplicating, replicating and reconciling it asymmetrically.


This way, the integrity of data is secured as it is processed and transmitted through complex B2B and B2G networks. A critical feature in networks where information transactions define relationships.

Connecting a disaggregated industry

The Gateway is part of the global infrastructure necessary to connect the financial services industry across systems, companies and national borders.


Instead of fragmented information being processed and distributed across multiple systems, the platform consolidates this in a way that fundamentally changes the way businesses interact.

Global collaboration

Transformational opportunities arise as the network extends and capabilities evolve into unexplored territory using global collaboration between trusted members as a new model for innovation.


It is the foundation for a truly inclusive trust network carried by a global community seeking to improve industry and consumer facing services.