About BC Gateways

Building Communities of Trust

Our Mission

BC Gateways builds Global Communities of Trust that extend across boundaries. Harnessing the power of emerging technologies, we build inclusive trust networks to empower all business, large and small across industries, markets and national borders, so that everyone can benefit from the next wave of transformational opportunities.

What we do

The world is facing a rising global challenge where unverified information has enabled multiple versions of the truth. Confidence and trust levels are at risk as existing technology solutions often fail to adequately guarantee data integrity across complex networks.

We are dedicated to restoring trust in information with a transformational blockchain communications platform that will revolutionise global industries by democratising data and discovering its true value across an ecosystem.


BC Gateways was founded in Hong Kong in 2017 to commercialise The Gateway, its “Plug and Play” blockchain-enabled platform designed and built by a dedicated team.

The Management Team comprises people with deep experience in banking, finance, trade and technology. As a member of Blockchain Australia,BC Gateways believes blockchain presents massive opportunities for transformational change in information dependent disaggregated industries subject to high levels of commercial, financial, reputational or regulatory risk.

In 2020, BC Gateways was acquired by Iress, a market-leading financial software provider.  

The Team

Andy Hutchings Broso.jpg

Andy Hutchings Broso

Founder & Chairman

Following careers in military communications and consulting, Andy founded APIR Systems in 1997. He took it to being the Australian Financial Services industry’s identification and regulatory data standards agency, identifying and mapping nearly $2.6 trillion in national savings.


He has 20 years experience in standards and information flows within financial services and allied industries. Andy resigned from APIR in late 2017 to immerse himself in the potential of disruptive technologies to reshape industries for the better, coining the phrase ‘Friendly Disruption’.

BC Gateways Gordon Little

Gordon Little


Managing Director, Australia

Commencing his professional career at Coopers and Lybrand, Gordon is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in Technology and Financial Services. Most recently the Head of Product and Client Solution (Asia Pac) for the Investor and Treasury Services division of Royal Bank of Canada, where he led the development and deployment of new products to the wealth management industry.


As a board member for the Australian Custodial Services Association for the past 8 years Gordon has contributed to a number of industry initiatives and was recognised with an Industry Service award at the 2018 Investment and Technology conference. Prior to RBC Gordon worked for Deutsche Asset Management Australia where he held several senior positions including Chief Operating Officer for DB Capital Partners and Head of Information Technology for Asia Pacific.