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Reducing the risk, cost & complexity

of fund data distribution

The Gateway

Transforming Financial Services

BC Gateways has transformed financial services with The Gateway, an end-to-end blockchain communications platform that enables the global financial services community to exchange information in a secure and streamlined way.

Shared Source of Truth for the global financial services community


Securely exchange data and documents through complex distribution networks 

Single point of reconciliation to secure the integrity of datasets at all times.

Solving the Fund Data Challenge

Managing data integrity across complex distribution networks is of critical importance yet the existing system is fraught with imperfect transactions exposing companies and customers to financial, regulatory and commercial risk. Our survey showed: 


Data for underlying funds still comes through via email


Unable to source unlisted unit data from a single provider


Received fund data is not always completely accurate

The Gateway

The Only Real Solution

The Gateway solves the data problem with a blockchain-enabled data distribution platform built for the global financial services community. It provides significant operating efficiencies as it lowers the risks, costs and complexities associated with the sharing of data.

The closest thing to Plug and Play
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Publishers and subscribers across the financial services ecosystem

Shared source of truth

Blockchain verification protocols guarantee data integrity

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Data types 

Supports unit prices, tax, look through and offer documents

Foundation Partners

Building the Gateway Community

Aberdeen Standard Investments
Castle Hall
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Pengana Capital
Platinum Asset Management
Equity Trustees
Schroder Investment Management Australia

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